Short CV

Dr. Michail S. Vrahnakis is a full professor on "Rangeland Science". Member of the Integration Council of the University of Thessaly, with the aim of facilitate the completion the studies of the ex- Departments of the TEI of Thessaly. He had held several administrative positions in the ex- Department of Forestry and Natural Environment Management of the TEI of Thessaly from 2008 to 2015. He was Vice President and Vice Rector of the TEI of Thessaly in (a) Research (2015-2017) and (b) Academic Affairs and Student Welfare (2017-2019). Has 30 years of experience (professional - 24 years and teaching - 26 years) in Higher Education in rangeland management plans, organization of agroforestry systems and management plans of protected areas. His current research interests are: management, utilization and ecology of rangelands, quantification of floristic diversity, agroforestry, rangeland condition and rangeland health, management and monitoring of protected areas. He has published over 200 peer-reviewed papers and articles in various international and national conferences, scientific and sectoral journals, articles, 2 undergraduate books, collective volumes, etc. He has presented scientific papers in international conferences in the countries (indicatively apart from Greece: in China, Russia, Brazil, Italy, Ukraine, Latvia, etc). He has participated in several international and national scientific committees, while he is a reviewer of several scientific papers in international conferences and journals, as well as a member of academic and scientific committees of journals. Based on Google Scholar, about 430 bibliographic references have been made to the published work of M. Vrachnakis. He has successfully coordinated as a scientific supervisor more than fifteen (15) research projects, European or national, competitive or self-funded, while he has participated in more than twenty (20) other respective projects as a member of a research team. He has been an instructor at many national and international seminars on grassland management and has participated in scientific trips to Nigeria and China. He has participated as an expert in thematic groups of Greek Ministries and has participated in corresponding thematic groups abroad. He has organized scientific conferences and seminars in Greece and abroad, participating with many oral or poster presentations. He is a member of many scientific organizations and associations, while he has participated in the administration of the international scientific organization Eurasian Dry Grassland Group (2009-2019).