Graduation event for postgraduate students, awards of excellence and honorary plaques and career day at the Department of Forestry, Wood Science & Design 3/30/2022


A special day on March 30th, 2022 for the Department of Forestry, Wood Science and Design of the University of Thessaly in Karditsa.

In a very beautiful overall event from early in the morning until late at noon, individual events took place:

  • Graduation of the Graduates of the Postgraduate Programs “Advanced Methods of Design, Technology and Management of Wood Products” and “Multifunctional Management of Forest Ecosystems & Bioeconomics” of the Department Forestry, Wood Science & Design and MSc of Larisa’s General Department.
  • Prize awarding of undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • Awarding of honorary plaques as well,
  • Career day.

The event was honored by the presence of: His Eminence the Metropolitan of Thessaly and Phanariofarsala Timotheos, the Rector of the University of Thessaly Professor Zisis Mamouris, the Dean of the School of Technology Professor Elias Savvas, the President of the Department Forestry, Wood Science & Design Ioannis Papadopoulos, the President of the Larisa’s General Department Kathi Georgia Garani, the Deputy Mayor of Karditsa Stefanos Theologis, professors of the Department Forestry, Wood Science & Design and many others.

Prizes of excellence were awarded to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Honorary plaques were awarded:

  • to the emeritus professor of the University of Thessaly Konstantinos Adamakis as the 1st President of the Provisional Assembly of the Department “Forestry, Wood Science & Design” for his valuable contribution to the organization and autonomy of the Department,
  • in Antigone Drisbioti, 8th Olympian walking at the Tokyo Olympics to achieve the ideal of good competition, but also
  • to the retired members of the Department Mr. Gerasimos Bothos and Polyxeni Klimou for the services they offered.

The last part of the event included the career day with the presentation by the representatives of the companies ALFA WOOD Group, PAFOS SA and MVS-Associates and discussion of the possibilities of professional rehabilitation of the graduates of the Department. A very interesting presentation was made that aroused the interest of the attendees with the innovative products and processes that the companies produce and follow their uniqueness in the Greek and international market.

The event closed with lunch and of course with the best impressions from everyone!