Assistant Professor
Scientific field: Computer Network Design


Short CV

Dr. Lallas Efthymios is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Forestry, Wood Science and Design, of University of Thessaly. His previous work experience includes key job positions as a Core Network Deputy Director of HUAWEI, as well as Head Director of Long Life Learning Registry of Ministry of Education for the Fokida County. He has participated on several major European and Greek Research Programs (P917-ADSL Experimental Network, P918-Integration of Internet Protocol Over Optical Networks, IST-FET-OPEN-OCCULT, FP7-NAVOLCHI, Spumoni). He is an author of many scientific papers and monographs in major scientific impact, international, under judgment conferences and journals and a peer reviewer as well. His scientific interests include Network System Architectures and devices (Routing-Switching-Protocols, Broadband, Optical Wireless-Sensor IOT Systems), Network on Chip Architectures (NoC), Network Computing System Design and Techno economical Evaluation, Network System Security and Blockchain, Cognitive Devices and Systems and Intelligent Home Networks, Design of network systems for the optimization of performance of the Wood – Furniture and Forest Product enterprise.