In accordance with the provisions of Law 4589/2019, the opportunity is given to students of the Study Programs “Wood and Furniture Design and Technology” and “Forestry and Management of the Natural Environment” of the University of Thessaly, who have completed the necessary conditions for obtaining their degree and wish to join the Simulation Program of the Department of Forestry, Wood Sciences and Design, in order to obtain a university degree.

According to relevant decisions of the Senate of the University of Thessaly, after a relevant proposal of the Assembly of the Department of Forestry, Wood Sciences & Design, the following apply:

Course ECTS
Introduction to Information Technology and Internet Technologies 5
Plant Morphology and Physiology 6
Forest Soil Science 5
Wildlife Biology I – Birds, Inland Fish 6
Forest Botany (Angiospermae) 5
Biometry 5
English 3
New IT Applications in Environmental Management 4
Rangeland Ecology 4
Forest Utilization 5
Forest Mensuration 5
Topography 5
Forest Ecology 5
GIS – Mapping of Natural Resources 5
Protection of Forest Ecosystems 6
Wood Technology 5
Agroforestry 5
Ecorourism – Alternative Types of Tourism 5
Applied Silviculture 5
Biomass Utilization 4
Management of Protected Areas and Wetlands 5
Wildlife Management 5
Economics of Forest Ecosystems 5
Forest Hydrology-Protection of hydrologic basins 5
Forest Management 5
Biodiversity and Assessment of Forest Ecosystems 6
Forest Fires 4
Rangeland Management 5
Game Management 4
Forest Vegetation – Plant Sociology 6
Landscape Restoration 4
Urban Green 6
Climate Change 6
Forest and Environmental Law 5
Environmental Education 4
Forest Cadastre – Remote Sensing 6
Economics of Forest Organizations 5
Environmental and Professional Ethics 4
Sustainable Practices in the Primary Sector 4
Aromatic, Medicinal and Beekeeping Plants 6
Total ECTS which are recognized: 175-182

Semester Code Course Course Type ECTS
II ΚΜ241 CAD – 2D Mandatory 6
III ΚΜ331 CAD – 3D Mandatory 5
IV ΚΜ411 Mechanical Wood Processing Mandatory 5
V ΚΜ531 Wood Composites Mandatory 5
V ΚΜ551 CAD-CAM-CAE Mandatory 5
VI ΚΜ631 Forest Products Quality Control & Certification Mandatory 5
VI ΚΜ621 Design of Products and Processes Mandatory 5
VIII ΞΣΥ711 Furniture Manufacturing Technology Mandatory 5
VII ΞΣΥ731 Furniture Design Software Mandatory 6
VIII ΞΣΥ821 Digital Manufacturing Systems Mandatory 5
VIII ΞΣΥ811 Technology of Timber Structures Mandatory 5
IX ΞΣΥ931 Marketing of Wood Products Mandatory 6
Total ECTS credits of additional university simulation courses: 63

Architecture, Art & Furniture Styles6
Technical Drawing I6
Wood Structure6
Applied Informatics5
Free-Hand Drawing I5
Wood Technology I: Solid Products5
Mechanical Wood Processing I – Hygiene & Safety5
Wood Properties5
Wood Technology II:Glued Products5
Computer Aided Design II5
Creative Design6
Furniture Production Technology I6
Polymer & Composite Materials4
Contemporary Wood Construction Materials6
Computer Aided Design III5
Industrial Design of Furniture I6
Contemporary Mechanical Wood Processing6
Furniture Production Technology II4
Furniture Finishing4
Industrial Design of Furniture II5
Furniture Production Technology III6
Chemical Technology of Wood Products5
Business Administration of Wood & Furniture Enterprises5
Wooden Structures Technology I (Indoor Structures)5
Quality Control of Wood and Wood Products5
Business Economics of Wood & Furniture Enterprises5
Furniture Design Software6
Furniture Repair & Conservation6
Rendering and Animation6
Marketing of Wood Products & Furniture6
Wooden Structures Technology II (Outdoor Structures)4
Furniture Design Project (Construction)4
Quality Control of Furniture4
Total ECTS which are recognized:173

Semester Code Course Course Type ECTS
I ΚΜ121 Ecology of Terrestrial Ecosystems Mandatory 5
I ΚΜ151 Wildlife Biology Mandatory 6
II ΚΜ211 Forest Botany Mandatory 5
II ΚΜ251 Introduction to Bioeconomy Mandatory 5
III ΚΜ321 Ecotourism – Forest Recreation Mandatory 5
IV ΚΜ451 Biological Threats to Forest Trees and Wood Mandatory 5
IV ΚΜ461 Wildlife Management Mandatory 5
IV KM421 Applied Silviculture Mandatory 5
V KM511 Forest Ecosystems Management Mandatory 5
VI KM611 Protected Areas Management Mandatory 5
VI KM641 Rangeland Management Mandatory 5
VI KM651 Forest Fires Mandatory 5
Total ECTS credits of additional university simulation courses: 61