TheHOPE projectis innovative in that it proposes a methodology and design principles to embed a Sustainable Economy (SE) approach at a formalised, institutional level, considering the minimum use of resources and materials as well as the option to further exploit those through an upcycling process after the end of each use.

The core idea of this project is to add new skills to a number of professionals (engineers, technicians etc) related to the building sector providing them with knowledge about the most recent available technologies and methods and shifting their competencies towards a novel and sustainable approach regarding the building construction (from design to implementation).

The project is coordinated by Institute of Wood, Furniture and Wooden Packaging of University of Thessaly, the company Case Lemn Bernard srl, the City Council of Mollet del Vallès, the Developmental Centre of Thessaly, the Mikser, the University of Belgrade, the Atlantic Technological University, the Irish Wood & Interiors Network (IWIN) and the company CHLIAPAS SA.