The Department has excellent infrastructure and building facilities at the Karditsa campus:

  • 3 Auditoriums,
  • 20 workshop and teaching rooms,
  • 45 offices,
  • 6000 sq.m., developed on an area of 48 acres,
  • Student residences for 100 students,
  • modern library,
  • Student club
  • ELKE office
  • Internship Office
  • Institute of wood – furniture & wooden packaging
  • Other infrastructure
  • See the Department’s facilities.
    The equipment of the Department of Forestry, Wood Sciences & Design which is also available in the Master’s Program is very modern, worth more than €4,500,000 and includes among others:  
    • Multi-device for quality control (QC) of frames (wooden windows & doors), loading device on ready-made frames, tests for water permeability, water tightness, wind resistance, etc.
    • Certified device for CE tests (worth €300,000), modern device for testing strength in wood & composite materials (worth €80,000).
    • Robotic arm, furniture inspection tests & automatic treatments (worth €80,000).
    • Modern individual absorption device (worth €60,000).
    • Xenon climate chamber, accelerated aging tests (worth €50,000).
    • 3D printer – testing & prototyping objects (worth €35,000)
    • 3D Laser Scanner, etc.
    Resistance machine SHIMADJU UH-300 kNI
    Static bending, compression, tension of wood and structural timber
    Exhibition stands
    Wood aging tests & exposure of products to climatic conditions
    Integrated system for creating a virtual environment (Virtual Reality)
    Virtual reality system with the possibility of creating a virtual environment control and use of the designed object by checking the ergonomics, functionality and the adaptability of the object / construction
    Laboratory CNC Roland
    Machining testing & prototyping. Table CNC (Roland MDX 40) four (4) axes for creation objects or molds of great precision and complexity.
    CNC Machine Tool
    Three axis CNC woodworking center
    Modern atomic absorption device
    Metal detector (Perkin Elmer) with monochromatic radiation produced from special lamps for each measured metal (metal element)
    See the laboratory equipment of the Department.