Quality Policies of the University of Thessaly

The mission of the University of Thessaly (UTH) is to offer high quality education to its students and to promote knowledge and research in the knowledge areas related to its programs. The University of Thessaly aims to promote knowledge and specialization with rules of ethics, which will serve the needs of society, to form a free academic environment, to conduct high-level research, to guarantee that the teaching staff has the highest possible level for teaching and research , in shaping a culture of collaborations with educational and research institutions at home and abroad. The main goal of UTH is the recognition and attractiveness of its undergraduate and postgraduate programs within the next decade at a national level, as well as international acceptance of its ongoing research work.

The University of Thessaly seeks to preserve and enrich the social good of knowledge, ensuring..

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Departmental Quality Assurance Policy

Quality Assurance in Higher Education is the main objective of the European Single Higher Education Area, in which Greece has also participated since 2005 (Law 3374/2005). The basic objective governing quality assurance is the sense of responsibility of each University Institution towards students and society for the provision of high quality education as well as research. At the University of Thessaly (hereafter UTH), the Quality Assurance Unit has been established and is operating, in accordance with article 14, Law 4009/2011. MODIP is “the central body for the coordination and support of the quality assurance procedures of the University of Thessaly, through the Internal Quality Assurance System (ICSA). The Quality Assurance System of the University of Thessaly aims to develop a culture of quality in the academic community, so that it can transmit knowledge through efficient teaching and produce high-level expertise through innovative research” (as stated on the website of the Quality Assurance Unit of University of Thessaly).