Every first-year student upon registration at the Institution automatically obtains a personal Electronic Mail Address (eMail). No action is required on the part of the students in order to obtain their email. The username and personal codes will be sent by message, to the mobile phone number that the student had registered with the Ministry of Education, from the Computerization Department of the University of Thessaly.

The personal eMail is of the format username @uth.gr, where username is the Username corresponding to the Institutional Account of each student.

User login to E-Mail is done with the Institutional User Account.

You can use the Webmail service to access your e-mail via a website.

More information on the use of the Electronic Mail service can be found in the relevant guide entitled Electronic Mail.

If you are facing any problem with your webmail connection or if you have forgotten your passwords, please send an email to the IT Department of the University of Thessaly: ithelp@uth.gr.