For the realization of the project, construction technology studies and state of conservation of the scaffolding were prepared, as well as a study on the application of controlled disassembly, maintenance and safe storage, which were approved by the competent Departments of the Ministry of Culture. Then the documentation and maintenance procedures took place with targeted and specialized work, followed by the controlled dismantling of the vessel with the main concern being the rescue of its individual parts. At the same time, the digital design and three-dimensional representation of the model, of the individual construction parts and the shell of ELENI P, was carried out, which can function as a standard virtual model of a traditional wooden boat.

The Historical Archives – Museum of Hydra, after continuous and competitive efforts of more than 22 years for the rescue and utilization of the “ELENI P.” and with the valuable cooperation of five more partners, namely the “Directorate of Newer Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Culture”, the University of Thessaly with the “Information & Telecommunications” and “Forestry, Wood Sciences and Design” Departments, of “Politistica – Dimitris Tsipotas”, Works of Art Conservation and Management Services Company and “Readlab – Research Innovation and Development Lab”, is successfully coordinating the project, SAVEWOODENBOATS, SAVING TRADITIONAL WOODEN BOATS THROUGH THEIR DIGITAL PRINTING, DEVELOPMENT OF AN INTEGRATED NAVIGATION PLATFORM AND AR/VR APPLICATIONS, which is an action of national scope, within the framework of the program “RESEARCH – CREATE – INNOVATE SECOND CYCLE” (EPANEK, EYDE ETAK). The above partners participating in the implementation of the program have as their main purpose the testing and application of innovative technologies for the scientific documentation, maintenance and digital rescue and promotion of the preserved traditional wooden boat “ELENI P”.