With success and significant results, the project “Green and recyclable and/or compostable composite products with improved properties from industrial hemp waste in the context of the circular economy-CYKA” (PROJECT CODE: T2EDK-00008) which was financed in the framework of the B’ phase of Action of “Research-Create-Innovate” (2nd Cycle, ETPA-EPANEK).

Specifically, through the KYKA project, industrial hemp waste was utilized in order to develop green and recyclable and/or compostable composite products with improved properties, an innovative application that will serve and facilitate the activity and research for the utilization of agricultural residues (industrial hemp) , in Greece and internationally.

As part of the project, the remains of industrial hemp stems (woody part and fibers) grown in study areas of the Prefecture of Magnesia were utilized, and composite welded wood products (particle boards) were produced by the Furniture and Woodwork Quality Control Laboratory (FQC) of the Department Forestry, Wood Sciences and Design, University of Thessaly. Subsequently, various small-scale furniture was made with these products.

The project was a partnership between CHIMAR, CANNAVIO, XHTPH (APTH), CHOPTH (APTH), EPEX (PTH), with a duration of 37 months (16/06/2020-15/07/2023) and with a scientific manager for the EPEX Agency Professor Mr. Dalos Georgios.

For more information about the specific project, you can visit the website: https://kyka-project.eu/en/.

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