Laboratory Teaching Staff
Scientific field: Renewable Heat Energy from waste

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Short CV

Konstantinos Ninikas (Male) is an associate researcher and teaching staff at the Department of Forestry, Wood Sciences & Design, School of Technology, University of Thessaly, Greece. He has a Bachelor of Engineering (in Mechanical Engineering), an M.Sc. (Energy potentials from waste) and a PhD (Renewable Heat Energy from waste) from the Glasgow Caledonian University, U.K. He was a self-employed engineer in the field of materials and energy for over 10 years. He worked in academia from 2009 until 2019, at the University of Applied Sciences (TEI) of Thessaly and from 2019 till today at the University of Thessaly Greece. He collaborated with the Glasgow Caledonian University, as an associate researcher in a two-year research project, carrying out a feasibility study to generate heat energy from the waste inside the SPT Glasgow subway tunnels. He has been trained at the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) – in the USA in the field of “Energy, Sustainability and Product Life Cycle” and at the Harvard University – USA in the field of “Strategy and Innovation”. He is currently working as a teaching staff and research associate at the University of Thessaly, Greece with modules both in the undergraduate and MSc courses. He is delivering the “CAD-CAM” module in the undergraduate programme and the “Advanced CAD-CAM systems” module in the postgraduate programme. He works also as an occasional lecturer at the Glasgow Caledonian University U.K. at the School of Computing, Engineering and the built environment delivering MSc courses. He has been engaged with a number of research teams from different disciplines to undertake a number of projects related to materials and energy from waste, sustainable design, and upcycling. He teaches postgraduate courses in Renewable Energy in London and Glasgow at Glasgow Caledonian University U.K. He collaborates with the same University where he teaches undergraduate courses at Universities in China (Jinling Institute of Technology JIT – Nanjing China & University of Jinan UJN – Shangdong China) within the framework of joint China-UK undergraduate programs. His current research interests are the Energy valuation of wood products, the Life cycle of wood by-products, the Heat capacity of modern frames, Design and processing of materials using a laser. He has published several articles in various international scientific journals and international conferences, such as e.g. Renewable energy sources – Elsevier, Environmental Geotechnics – ICE (Institute of Civil Engineers). He has presented scientific papers at international conferences in the countries: Greece, Great Britain, Malaysia, Hungary, Germany, Russia etc. He participated in research projects and was an instructor in international laboratories.