Duration: 137 HOURS

Application Deadline: Friday, December 3rd, 2023

Start of Courses: Thursday, December 14th, 2023

End of Courses: Sunday, December 17th, 2023



The Bioeconomy and Environment Cluster of Western Macedonia – CluBE in collaboration with the University of Western Macedonia, ARKTOUROS and the University of Western Attica is organizing the 1st Winter Academy of Environmental Educators in Nymphaeum, Florina, within the framework of the Climate Awareness Campaign “Climate Community_WM”. With this action, its twinning with the SKYROS Project is sealed.

The “Climate Community_WM” Campaign is in its first year of existence, with already three active actions. One of them is the Academy of Environmental Trainers, an Academy that has been actively running since 2016 on the island of Skyros, as a Summer Academy, and in December trainees will come from all over the country to Nymphaeum, Florina, to live the educational experience in a winter landscape with natural beauty.

The Academy of Environmental Educators is considered a pioneer in training the new generation of environmental educators, able to join the formal, non-formal and informal promotion of responsible environmental behavior and health promotion. Participants can successfully contribute to the school system, environmental centers, cruise ships, museums, gardens, mass media, and wherever they can get involved in Environmental Education, Public/Community/Environmental Health issues.

The aim of the Academy of Environmental Educators is to chart a new path of education, pioneering for Greek data and based on the specialization needs of those who train in Health Education and Environmental Health. Also, the Academy focuses on providing skills, so that the trainees can successfully handle the field of communication, in environmental and health matters.

The ultimate goal is active participation in decision-making related to the environment and health through actions aimed at promoting Environmental Health for the protection of citizens and all social groups.

In particular, the program is aimed at university students and graduates of environmental sciences, health and welfare sciences, biological and social sciences, as well as humanities. It is also aimed at postgraduate students of related studies and at those who work or have worked as trainers, interpreters, journalists and are interested in being actively involved with Environmental Education, in its formal form – Schools, in its non-formal form – Environmental Interpreters – Museums, Parks, Cruise Ships-Camps and in informal education – Mass Media and to those who are generally active in Environmental Education, Public/Community/Environmental Health issues.

The entire educational process has been organized with the philosophy of an ecological community, which is interested in the cultivation of an environmental culture in civil society, to know environmental education methods both theoretically and practically through the promotion of good practices and experiences.

With training certification from the University of West Attica.

Participation fee

The tuition fee is 350 euros and the amount covers the cost of accommodation, food and excursions.

The costs of going to Nymphaeum are borne by the trainees.

In order to participate, please go to the link, choosing from the options you will find in the section “Choose an educational object”, the “Environmental Educators Summer Academy”. Before submitting the Application, you provide your Personal Information and a list of some necessary data for the certification.

For more details please contact us:

Email: v.plaka@clube.gr | Tel: +306980777325

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