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Announcement of 9 doctoral candidate positions in the Department of Forestry, Wood Sciences & Design of the University of Thessaly

The Department of Forestry, Wood Sciences & Design of the University of Thessaly, in accordance with the decision No. 70 / 1.6.2022 (issue 9th) of its Assembly, announces nine (9) new positions of doctoral candidates and invites them to submit a relevant application in the following proposed fields of knowledge / topics by faculty members of the Department of Forestry, Wood Sciences and Design:

1. Forest economy and sustainable development (Rapporteur: Papadopoulos Ioannis).

2. Strategies for the promotion of the circular economy of wooden structures (Rapporteur: Papadopoulos Ioannis).

3. Entrepreneurship and craft dynamics in Creative Crafts (Rapporteur: Karagkouni Glykeria).

4. The review of the craft industries in the era of Industry 4.0 (Rapporteur: Karagkouni Glykeria).

5. The role of clustering / networking in DC - business ecosystems (Rapporteur: Karagkouni Glykeria).

6. Utilization of lignocellulose biomass for production of electricity and heat. (Rapporteur: Ntalos Georgios).

7. Development of a smart 3D printing system for energy optimization based on a digital duo for furniture components (Rapporteur: Kechagias Ioannis).

8. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (Rapporteur: Karageorgos Antonis).

9. Distributed Intelligence and Immersive Reality (Rapporteur: Karageorgos Antonis).

Applications for the start of the dissertation from the Winter Semester of the Academic Year 2022-2023: until August 31th, 2022.

The required documents are submitted in a candidacy file and are as follows:

1. Printed completed application, which is posted here:


2. Detailed CV.

3. Draft doctoral dissertation, which develops the proposal to prepare the doctoral dissertation in full, and includes the following:

  • Greek and English title,
  • Keywords,
  • Brief description (200-400 words),
  • Main purpose - research questions (200-400 words),
  • Bibliography review (300-600 words),
  • Research methodology (400-600 words),
  • Bibliographic references,
  • Justification of the originality of the research and its appropriate implementation in the DEXYS Department.
  • 4. Copy of diploma or diploma certified, with recognition by DOATAP, if it has been obtained from University of abroad.

    5. Copy of a validated postgraduate degree, or of a single and inseparable degree of integrated postgraduate level (integrated master) of article 46 of Law 4485/2017 and with recognition by DOATAP, if it has been obtained from a University of abroad.

    6. Certificates of detailed undergraduate and postgraduate degrees

    7. Proof of very good knowledge of a foreign language, level at least B2.

    According to No. 20 / 14.4.2020 (issue 4) of the Assembly of the Department of Forestry, Wood Science and Design, the level of foreign language proficiency (level at least B2) is proven in the following ways:

    a) State Certificate of language proficiency of law 2740/1999 as replaced by par. 19 of article 13 of law 3149/2003, b) with certificates of the same level as other institutions (universities or not) regardless of their legal form, if they are certified or recognized by the competent authority of the country concerned to conduct examinations and issue certificates of knowledge of the foreign language at the respective level, c) With a degree in Foreign Language and Literature or a degree in Foreign Languages ​​Translation and Interpretation of the country or equivalent and equivalent of foreign schools, d) With a Bachelor's, undergraduate or postgraduate diploma or doctoral diploma from any recognized institution of higher education abroad, e) With a Bachelor's degree equivalent to the Greek Secondary Education schools, if it has been obtained after a regular study of at least six years abroad.

    8. Photocopy of police ID

    9. Two (2) recent photos.

    The selection of doctoral candidates, provided they meet the above conditions, is made taking into account the following basic and additional criteria.

    Basic Criteria:

  • Relevance of the degree with the scientific fields of the Department of Forestry, Wood Sciences and Design and / or with the subject of the doctoral dissertation.
  • Relevance of the postgraduate diploma with the scientific fields of the Department of Forestry, Wood Sciences and Design and / or with the subject of the doctoral dissertation.
  • General degree (required at least "six and a half" (6.50).
  • Regardless of the degree, the following can be accepted: a) candidates with at least five years of research activity documented by recent publications in reputable journals and by research project related to the subject of the doctoral dissertation, b) Scholars of IKY or other Organizations that award scholarships after examinations or evaluation. It is noted that according to the number 20 / 14.4.2020 (issue 3rd) of the Assembly of the Department of Forestry, Wood Science and Design, science magazine. To the above time is added the time of activity that results from proofs of participation in other research projects or proofs of documented research professional employment ".

  • General degree of postgraduate diploma (required at least 7.00).
  • Additional Criteria:

  • Two recent letters of recommendation.
  • Scholarship or financial coverage (positively considered).
  • Details of the candidate's CV that demonstrate his / her research and professional experience and reputation.
  • Other degrees (Degrees).
  • Specifically for the evaluation of each proposal the Commission scores on a scale of 1-5, the following criteria:

  • Title - Does it contain important keywords that define the scientific scope of the proposal?
  • Justification of originality.
  • Clear position of the research problem - The gap that the research comes to fill (correlation with previous research).
  • Clarity of research questions.
  • Objectives (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic).
  • Satisfactory description of the general scientific area and the individual areas to which the proposed research falls. Satisfactory mention of the key concepts for research.
  • Bibliography overview - To show the fairly good knowledge of the specific field with current references of previous efforts in the object of research. Relevance-appropriateness check of the referenced bibliography.
  • Research Methods - Indication of the proposed form of research and justification for its use.
  • Expected results - Contribution to the research area of ​​the study - Presentation of the desired contribution to the research problem for the advancement of scientific knowledge in this field.
  • Writing quality - Clear and professional presentation of the research proposal (plagiarism should not exceed 20% in Turnitin). Refers to syntax, grammar, written quality.
  • Research plan and schedule.
  • Overall picture of the proposal: existence of cover, contents, summary, section separation (either stops here or we describe the details of the overall image of the proposal).
  • Degree of importance of the research proposal (according to the evaluator).
  • Report research restrictions.
  • For the evaluation of the interview of each candidate, the Commission scores on a scale of 1-5, the following criteria:

  • Presentation of his / her work
  • Scientific training on the subject of RIGHT
  • Scientific training on the subject of the proposal
  • Formulate answers
  • Communication
  • Motivations for a doctoral dissertation
  • Availability of offer in the educational & research project of DEXYS
  • Availability of physical presence on the RIGHT
  • For more details on the procedure for preparing a doctoral dissertation, those interested can refer to the approved regulations for the operation of doctoral studies of the Department of Forestry, Wood Sciences & Design (Government Gazette 4259 / 20.11.2019, issue B ')


    Please note that application files should be sent to the following address:

    University of Thessaly, Department of Forestry, Wood Sciences & Design, 11-13 V. Griva Street, KARDITSA City, Postcode: 43100 with the indication: "Application for Doctoral Thesis".

    The supporting documents must be submitted in electronic form at the following e-mail address:

    For additional information, interested parties can contact all working days at: +30 24410 64730, +30 24410 64750 & +30 24410 64732.





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